Friday, April 2, 2010

A Post just to say we posted

Sydnee, again. Bakerella posts on her blog like every other day, and us, every other month. I thought that was not good enough so I told my mom, "I am posting on our blog today. How do I do that?" (I learned how to type without looking, so I can post easily.) I just checked for comments, and I did not check them early enough. The only trick I played yesturday was when I texted my friend that I got a puppy. A diffrent friend of mine told me she was moving to reno. My favorite trick I heared was to super glue coins to the ground somewhere. People try to pick them up,and can't. Spring break is too short. It's Friday already and I feel like break was 1 day only. Well, even though posting on the family blog is a good excuse to not do your chores, it wont get me out of doing them. Post for ya' later!

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