Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Am The Winner!

Sydnee and I went to Girls' Night Out at Deseret Book Saturday night. This is definitely a Hinrichsen girl tradition, but this year Hannah was in Utah and so Sydnee and I went alone. Here, Sydnee is going to tell the story! Hi! So we went to Deseret Book. My mom was one of the first 100 ladies 18 and older. So when we checked out, we got a free frame. But ALL girls 18 and older got to enter a contest. They did little door prizes and drew names. If you wern't there you didn't get the door prize, but even if you wern't there during the drawing of the grand prize, ( A brand new $350 picture of the Las Vegas temple for free!) you would still win it. My mom and I left about a hour before priesthood session ended, but didn't win a door prize. ( our family NEVER wins anything but the little prizes.) So then we left we went to get some ingredients for a delicious snicker salad we ate at ladies night out. When we got home we had a message. My mom played it and it was from a lady, who worked at Deseret Book. It said that WE WON THE GRAND PRIZE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : 0 : ) : ) Yes so now The Hinrichsen family has a new Gourgeous picture of the Las Vegas Temple at their house!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're going every year now!