Friday, July 30, 2010

Jewelery making

At girls camp, (which I will later post about), we made jewelery. Each girl hammered in a saying to a dog tag, and then decorated another with scrapbook paper, stickers etc. We also made two bead charm things that hang on our necklaces. One was a pearl, which we all made, and the other was a charm thing with beads of our choice.

Around the camp, there were ten hidden pictures of liahonnas. If you found all ten, you got a key ring, but on it was a pink bead and a charm that said things like "trust, love, live, true". Mine says trust. I went to a leader with a group of my friends who found all ten. I lied and said I found all ten, and got a charm. The lady who gave out the charms is in our ward. Later that night, she came to our campsite and gave each of us one. I didn't take one since I already have one, but the other girls took one even if that made their second  charm.   Since she did that, I just say that it is from when she gave everyone a charm.

Our ward color was red, and we each tied a red ribbon to our necklace. So simple, but yet it adds so much to the necklace and is really cute!

The seventh thing on my necklace is a bottle cap with a center covered with scrapbook paper, on it, it says TRUE.   

So if you are confused, here are the things on my necklace:

-hand hammered-stamped dog tag that says "Prepare for battle"
-scrapbook paper covered dog tag
-bead charm that I made
-pearl charm that I made
-red ribbon
-TRUST keyring charm
-TRUE bottlecap


Thursday, July 29, 2010


Long story short, the password on our account didn't work. Now, it does!!!! I am going to post a lot to make up for the delay.