Monday, May 24, 2010

Pool Problems (and pool party)

So, this week, our pool became nasty nasty nasty! It was sooooooo gross. And we did what every person who cares about their pool does. We drained it. Dad went out and got a special sucky thing, and within 5 hours, there was nothing in our pool except for my mom, and her special acid wash. We filled up the jacuzzi, and I got in the pool when the deep part wasn't even filled up a foot high. I was in my clothes and just swam. I jumped in the jacuzzi, and would run up and down the pool. I was scared of slipping, but I didn't. Our pool was such a pretty color of green, and when I saw it full of blue water, I said to myself, BLUE AT LAST!!!!!!!! Here are some pictures of the process. If they get too gross, just turn your head.

It is finally blue! In just a few days, I will be in it ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!! If you see me and I look like a raisin, you will know why.
Post for ya later!
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