Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eating out

In the past four days, we have eaten our three times. We have had Olive Garden, Cafe Rio, and Macayo. At Olive Garden, I had the Ravioli Di Portebello. It is six or nine cooked portebello mushrooms in ravioli, and is covered in a cheesy sun dried tomato sauce. At Cafe Rio, I had a mild chicken burrito. Delicious! And tonight at Macayo, I had the free chips and salsa, five glasses of water (still have only gone to the bathroom once, and I am fine, strange huh?), and the sampler tray. I only had a toquito, salad, mini  burrito, (MINI. Like half the lenght of a greeting card), and rice. I was STUFFED from those 5 glasses of water. Before bed last night, I drank 2 bottles.
But anyways, we have eaten out a lot, and it is bugging me. I like home cooked meals. At least I have the skill of cooking.

                                                                        -                                     -Sydnee
P.S. if something is spelled wrong, forgive me. The spell check sucks.