Saturday, January 2, 2010

And Then There Were Four....

     Well, time flies when you're having fun they say.  We had a great Christmas and enjoyed having Hannah and LJ here for nearly two weeks.  We loved getting to know LJ better.  We played lots and lots of games and watched lots and lots of movies and ate lots and lots of food.  And then this morning at 4:30 Brent and Syd took them to the airport...and then the Christmas decorations started to come down and the house seems unusually empty......sigh.
       We went to a beautiful wedding reception tonight and it brought back wonderful memories of LJ's and Hannah's wedding and reception. (the pictures should be online for a little while longer.  Go to then click on proofing the password is: JHSLJHANNAH and you can see most of the pictures fromt he wedding and reception.  But be forewarned there are nearly 500 online - and another 1,000 on the disk we received!).   Jenny and Craig are going to BYUI, too.  We hope they will be good friends with Hannah and LJ!