Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Quick Update so that darned "Posted 1 month ago" will go off my blog!

Fun things in our lives:
     1.  High School Basketball season ended (not that going to 3 basketball games a week wasn't fun, but.....)
      2.  Sydnee received a "1" - superior rating at the district wide Solo/Ensemble....and it wasn't her best performance.  (She is truly amazing!  Maybe it's a good thing she didn't do her very best, the judge wouldn't have know what to do with her:) )
     3.  My mom came to town to watch my borther's kids.  It was good to see her, if only for a few hours.
     4.  Seth and Sydnee got really good report cards!  (I was a little nervous for a few weeks)
     5.  18 more SCHOOL days until I go on track break!
     6.  The weather here is over 65!  Yea for the sunshine!  Bring on SUMMER   (I am NOT a winter person!)
     7.  Brent was able to confirm Carly.  He loves helping people progress in the gospel!
     8.  The Olympics.  I REALLY like to watch them.  However, I only truly care about the results of the US athletes.  I wonder why NBC shows them sooo late in the evening.  How come my parents(who are in Texas today) know the results way before I do?  (I don't want to stay up until 11 pm to see the results...but I will)
     9.  Warren and Mary Lou Harward stopped by for a visit.  How we love those 2.  They have had a great influence on us.
     10.  Hannah is coming down for Becca's wedding.