Friday, October 21, 2011

Sister Wives

Girls night. My favorite 2 nights of the year! This year, my mom wanted to go to "Rod Works'. While we stood in line, I recognized a lady who walked in.
"Mom, don't we know her?" I whispered.
"Nope. I don't recognize her." was her response that blew me away.
"You sure? I definetly recognize her." Then, two other "sister wives" came in. "Nevermind!" I told her.

Once we left, I explained to her who they were. Turns out they like that store. My friend once ran into one there. If you like that show, hang out at "Rod Works"!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Skeleton Creek

Have any of you ever heard of or read Skeleton Creek  by Patrick Carman ? It is AMAZING!!!! What is really cool, is that it has videos that go with it, so it seems so real! I finished the first book in the series. I had to search online to find out the names of the other books in the series.
The order of the series goes:
Skeleton Creek
Ghost in the Machine
The Crossbones
The Raven

The book is a quick, easy read, but it is a really good story! I would reccomend it to ANYONE.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Book of Mormon Challenge

In my Beehive class we are doing a Book of Mormon challenge. Everyday, we have to read 2 pages, and if the class is all caught up, we get a treat at the end of this month. Ex: Cinnamon roll, Ice cream party, Movie night and more.
This month was a Picnic. On Sunday, they went outside, ate and had a lesson. My leader brought over my hand out and my lunch, since I was in Utah, and she said only like five girls were there! We have like 10 in our Beehive class!
Anyway, the lunch had grapes, string cheese, chips, a juice, gummys, and carrots. The lesson hand out was Reese's and Rollo's. Attached to them was a bag that had a story about a man who was on the beach and found some clay balls. He started throwing them into the ocean. He dropped one and realized there were valuable gems inside. He had thrown like 60 into the ocean, and had only 20 remaining. He cracked open the rest and took out the gems. He realized he had thrown thousands of dollars into the ocean.
In the end, it was about seeing people for what is valuable inside.
What to Rollo's and Reese's have in common with this? They both have valuable gems inside! (peanut butter and caramel)
While I am posting on this blog, I am 12 pages behind on the challenge. Tisk, Tisk, Sydnee!