Thursday, December 10, 2009

Home for Christmas

   So, I'm going to try to hook up to for her holiday home tours.  But if I don't get linked, it's ok.  I still want my friends and especially my family to be able to come home for Christmas.  I am excited because Hannah and LJ and my mom and dad will all be here for Christmas, but I am missing having them home earlier.  So here we go!

    We have our fake Christmas tree in the living room right in front of the window (I think it is partly so I don't feel guilty for not having lights outside YET)

Doesn't EVERYTHING look better with white lights?  (Hey, maybe I need to wrap myself in white lights?!?!?)  We don't have a star on the tree, the one we've had since the kids were little is too tall for this room, so last year we went to HAVEN a great store in Victorville, CA and saw this idea.  I like it...but I need a star.  (Syd did the loverly drape arrangement)

OK...we are surely lacking in the gift department.  I have done a lot of shopping, but I am WAY behind on my wrapping.  (Thanks Mom, for embedding in me that presentation is as important as what is inside the box- a philosophy that, at this point in my life, I refuse to give up!)

The Dixon's made that cute manger scene on the wall.  I love that it reminds us of the simple beauty of what Christmas is really a celebration of-the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  (Hey, and Jana is OCD about gift wrap, too.  Right, Jana?)

I have since filled the jars with gold balls and added some candy canes to the white mints.  (What's a girl to do with 10 cool glass jars left over from the candy buffet at her daughter's wedding?)

The ceramic nativity in the music room.  (Can you believe I MADE this myself...ok with a lot of help)

One of the Christmas trees in the alcove between the living room and the music room  (notice the guitar in the background)

Mmmmmmmm...I love me some gingerbread men!!!!

Kitchen curtains and something new...a gingerbread tree!!!

Let's go to the family room.  A gentle reminder that gingerbread are cute (REALLY cute),, but that Christ is the true reason we celebrate!

well, that should whet your appetite!!!  I am off to the eye doctor, but I'll be sure to add more pictures later!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Wedding,The New School Year, and All That Jazz

Wow...what an amazing summer! August brought about a LOT of changes for our family. Hannah and LJ were married in the Las Vegas Temple, Seth started high school and Sydnee started middle school (leaving me the only one in elementary school)! Minor details first:
Can I just say I have an AMAZING class? I could not have pulled off a wedding, nay, THE wedding, if my class weren't so good (and if Heavenly Father weren't so good to me - only 1 true breakdown 35 days before THE day). Plus Syd is in middle school. I remember when I was in middle school. Now, my baby is there! She is in advanced orchestra (duh!), all advanced classes and has early morning chamber orchestra. I miss eating lunch with her everyday. Seth is in HIGH school. That means in less than 5 years he'll be on a mission and never be "my boy" again. Sounds depressing, huh? It is hard to see your kids grow up and leave...sob. Seth is on student council and taking all honors classes. He leads his seminary class in scripture mastery. My kids make me look like a good mom, but don't be deceived! They are just good and smart and talented on their own...seriously, they came that way. Seth is working out with the basketball team (well the wanna-be team since tryouts aren't till later in the year). And finally, THE wedding. First, thank you to my WONDERFUL friends. Seriously, it would have been plastic tablecloths and Costco cream puffs if it weren't for you!!! I am amazed at what good women can work to achieve. You all truly made my burdens light Hannah and LJ are happy in their new apartment. Time sure flies. We think about bringing her home from the hospital and looking at eachother and wondering, "What do we do now?" She is a kid that never stumbled or had to learn something, she just did it. (We used to joke that she stayed up all night practicing in her crib because one day she just walked. Another day she talked - full sentences at 18 months - and she really never stopped talking, did she? jk) She has been an amazing girl from the get go...a 30 year old in a 10 year old's body friends used to say. It has been a privilege to be her mom and all I can say is, "LJ, you are one lucky guy!" We are glad to have him in our family. He and Hannah enjoy so much of the same thing and he is soooo good for her. I have always said that I love how he loves her for who she is.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Am The Winner!

Sydnee and I went to Girls' Night Out at Deseret Book Saturday night. This is definitely a Hinrichsen girl tradition, but this year Hannah was in Utah and so Sydnee and I went alone. Here, Sydnee is going to tell the story! Hi! So we went to Deseret Book. My mom was one of the first 100 ladies 18 and older. So when we checked out, we got a free frame. But ALL girls 18 and older got to enter a contest. They did little door prizes and drew names. If you wern't there you didn't get the door prize, but even if you wern't there during the drawing of the grand prize, ( A brand new $350 picture of the Las Vegas temple for free!) you would still win it. My mom and I left about a hour before priesthood session ended, but didn't win a door prize. ( our family NEVER wins anything but the little prizes.) So then we left we went to get some ingredients for a delicious snicker salad we ate at ladies night out. When we got home we had a message. My mom played it and it was from a lady, who worked at Deseret Book. It said that WE WON THE GRAND PRIZE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : 0 : ) : ) Yes so now The Hinrichsen family has a new Gourgeous picture of the Las Vegas Temple at their house!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're going every year now!

Friday, March 13, 2009

I Really DID Rule the world

Every time this song (Viva la vida) comes on my "cool" cd I tell Seth, "I really did rule the world when I was young". Remember when you thought you had life all figured out? Well, what I have figured out now is that (one)- the world does NOT revolve around me and (two)- make goals not plans. Now I barely rule my own house and as my kiddos get oh so old, I don't even rule them anymore. Instead I have had to trust Joseph Smith's philosophy (a good, safe bet there) and teach them correct principles and let them choose for themselves. Fortunately, they are making great choices. The third thing I am still trying to learn is that I only rule me (and sometimes I get way out of control)!!! I just realized the other day that honestly and truly I am only responsible for the choices I make. I can teach, and lead and guide my children but in the long run, they make their own choices. So, right now I'd better choose to go make my bed (so unlike me not to make my bed first thing in the morning, but hey, I'm on track break)!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Idaho - March 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Yes, it has been a long, long while since I've blogged. I've checked in occasionally to see if anyone has posted anything new FOR no avail. It seems like I've forgotten how to post pictures, create slide shows and change my music (all at the same time). Seriously, the lights are on but rarely am I home.
Anyhow...I'm back from my weekend trip to Idaho. Sydnee and I went to visit Hannah. It turned out she had a concert and a new boy...well, er, man (that's his nomenclature of choice - lol). The concert was GREAT, the weather was good (for Idaho), and the boyfriend???? Well, it's only been a few weeks but he treats her really well (FINALLY) and they get along so well (We say he's her brand of weird).
Hannah is such a great girl. She's more like my best friend than my daughter. I miss her a lot, but she is having the time of her life and all of those wonderful living on your own, being the center of your own world experiences that are so important.
I realized a few things: 1 - I am NOT 20 (or even 30 for that matter): I don't look it or act it (although I probably should try to act my age sometime) 2 - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the heat. Las Vegas is not ugly it is the beautiful brown that comes from years and years of living in the blissful warm sunshine. I love to be warm. 3- The future of the Church is looking better than ever! Hannah has an amazing group of friends. The kids in her ward are doing a FABULOUS job of living the Gospel in an increasingly crazy world.
Hopefully I'll be able to figure out how to post pictures in the morning (between loads of laundry).