Friday, March 13, 2009

I Really DID Rule the world

Every time this song (Viva la vida) comes on my "cool" cd I tell Seth, "I really did rule the world when I was young". Remember when you thought you had life all figured out? Well, what I have figured out now is that (one)- the world does NOT revolve around me and (two)- make goals not plans. Now I barely rule my own house and as my kiddos get oh so old, I don't even rule them anymore. Instead I have had to trust Joseph Smith's philosophy (a good, safe bet there) and teach them correct principles and let them choose for themselves. Fortunately, they are making great choices. The third thing I am still trying to learn is that I only rule me (and sometimes I get way out of control)!!! I just realized the other day that honestly and truly I am only responsible for the choices I make. I can teach, and lead and guide my children but in the long run, they make their own choices. So, right now I'd better choose to go make my bed (so unlike me not to make my bed first thing in the morning, but hey, I'm on track break)!


The Wolfepack: said...

I really needed to read that today! Thank you for your wise words, as're the best!

pinkfrostycookies said...

What a good reminder for me. I struggle letting my kids make their own choices at their currently very young ages. Shouldn't they still be doing what I want/tell them to do all the time? :) I thought I had a few good years left. (LOL!)