Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Wedding,The New School Year, and All That Jazz

Wow...what an amazing summer! August brought about a LOT of changes for our family. Hannah and LJ were married in the Las Vegas Temple, Seth started high school and Sydnee started middle school (leaving me the only one in elementary school)! Minor details first:
Can I just say I have an AMAZING class? I could not have pulled off a wedding, nay, THE wedding, if my class weren't so good (and if Heavenly Father weren't so good to me - only 1 true breakdown 35 days before THE day). Plus Syd is in middle school. I remember when I was in middle school. Now, my baby is there! She is in advanced orchestra (duh!), all advanced classes and has early morning chamber orchestra. I miss eating lunch with her everyday. Seth is in HIGH school. That means in less than 5 years he'll be on a mission and never be "my boy" again. Sounds depressing, huh? It is hard to see your kids grow up and leave...sob. Seth is on student council and taking all honors classes. He leads his seminary class in scripture mastery. My kids make me look like a good mom, but don't be deceived! They are just good and smart and talented on their own...seriously, they came that way. Seth is working out with the basketball team (well the wanna-be team since tryouts aren't till later in the year). And finally, THE wedding. First, thank you to my WONDERFUL friends. Seriously, it would have been plastic tablecloths and Costco cream puffs if it weren't for you!!! I am amazed at what good women can work to achieve. You all truly made my burdens light Hannah and LJ are happy in their new apartment. Time sure flies. We think about bringing her home from the hospital and looking at eachother and wondering, "What do we do now?" She is a kid that never stumbled or had to learn something, she just did it. (We used to joke that she stayed up all night practicing in her crib because one day she just walked. Another day she talked - full sentences at 18 months - and she really never stopped talking, did she? jk) She has been an amazing girl from the get go...a 30 year old in a 10 year old's body friends used to say. It has been a privilege to be her mom and all I can say is, "LJ, you are one lucky guy!" We are glad to have him in our family. He and Hannah enjoy so much of the same thing and he is soooo good for her. I have always said that I love how he loves her for who she is.