Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April '

Long time, no post! (this is Sydnee, by the way) I am exited for General Confrence. That is really weird because it is just sitting in my house. ( did I mention that we are not going to Utah?) I am so exited for girls night! I love the free food haha. .After girls night last year, ( when we won the grand prize of a picture of the Las Vegas Temple) we tried to go to Baskin Robins, which is my absolute favorite ice cream place, but the line was long and we had some hungry "men" at our house to feed dessert. Since tomorrow is April Fools day, does anyone have a good prank? Even if your comment is late, I will use it next year. We dont have a little hand squirter that stretches on our sink, so don't leave the comment of taping the handle "on" switch to the squirter so the next person to turn on the sink gets soaked. Did that make any sense?  I once heard the prank of squirting shower gel in a persons bed. Or unscrewing the lid to the salt so when somebody goes to salt their food, it is covered in all the salt there was in the salt shaker. My mom's birthday is on Tuesday, and Seth's is next Saturday. Well, it is bedtime. Good-bye to the 6 or 7 people who read this post (or blog).  

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April said...

Plastic wrap over the toilet bowl. I won't go into details, but it's pretty bad. I've never done that to anyone, I had it done to me at girl's camp and by Curtis when we were engaged.

Short sheet their bed. You make it so that their top sheet is actually folded in half and tucked into the top of the mattress, so that when they get in they can't put their legs down very far.

If you do any of things, don't blame it on me!!! ;-)