Friday, September 5, 2008

Summer in a Nut Shell

Wow!! Where does the time go? It seems as though summer came and went in less than a week. Some things that happened since my last post: Seth went to scout camp. Hannah and I went to girls' camp for a day to do service projects with the entire stake. The kids and I went camping at the beach with my parents and my sister and her 2 kids. Hannah and I drove back to Idaho. I stayed with Hannah for a couple of days and met 2 of her latest boyfriends (old news now, of course. She's starting her own reality show called "Next" - lol). Sydnee performed in 2 violin recitals (one was a hoe-down and the other her "trophy recital"). Brent and I went with the YW from our ward to St. George to do tours, temple baptisms and see Les Mis. Seth and Sydnee started school again.
The trip to the beach was one of those never to be forgotten experiences. Not only was it the first time my kids have camped with my parents, but also there were TOO many hilarious stories. Security guards in the middle of the night, children beaten by waves, Marley's first experience with s'mores and phones in the ocean are things we'll always remember and laugh about. Oh, I LOVE summer and family!
A few weeks later my mom and sister and her kids came to Vegas to watch my brother's kids while he and his wife went to Alaska for a week. We swam and played every day. We went to Little Pastry Chefs and decorated cookies and cupcakes. What a mess!!! Sydnee went back 2 weeks later with our wonderful friend, Amy. When she got home Sydnee said, "Mom, I think it's my cousins who are messy. I only got a tiny spot of frosting on my apron this time." When we went with our cousins we were COVERED with frosting. (How do you get frosting under your arm?) More great memories!!!
OK - violin recital- Syd is AMAZING! I can't wait to see what the future holds for her. We are so lucky to have found the world's greatest violin and piano teacher.
Seth recently told me I don't have a sense of humor. That's so sad, because I think I'm very funny. It's good to hear what your kids think - sometimes. I know I get too caught up in the little details and sometimes forget to enjoy the moment. Sadly, my response was, "Well, if everyone would help me, maybe I'd have time to laugh." not really- I didn't say that. What I wanted to say is that I've already heard those same jokes a million times (he called LVA LV Gay- come on, that's pretty old). But this was a gentle reminder to me to LIVE and LOVE THE MOMENT! I guess that's the secret to life...but of course, I have to learn that lesson again and again and again!!!
So, enjoy today. Go out and laugh with your kids. Tickle them, laugh at their old, silly jokes and revel in their discoveries (did you know that you overeat when you're tired? I've learned that and a million other brain facts from Seth's excitement over his science class this week).


Stephens Family said...

hearing from you makes me homesick! I really miss las vegas, it's crazy how you think you are ready to leave and now you look back and wonder if you did the right thing! Things here are good, Brandon really likes his job, which is so important to me. Things have a way of working out I suppose, but we really miss you and your family. Give Brent a hug from us!

Lenny and Amanda said...


I so know how you feel about the being funny thing. My family doesn't think I am very funny, but I think I am so very hilarious!!!
I guess we know we can always be amused with ourselves?! Thanks for the reminder to live in the moment. I need to hear that more often than anyone I think!! Love you guys!

Jori-O said...

Okay, so that's a good reminder from Seth and all, but let's remember the context of the "not funny" comment (teenage boy to his mom). Sorry, Seth, but your mom is HILARIOUS. And once you come home from your mission, you will agree with me whole-heartedly.

Miss you , Suz! Call me!=)

Shawna said...

I actually did know that you overeat when you're tired; I'm proof!
It sounds like you had a great summer filled with awesome Summer Activities. My summer was good, but nothing that made it feel like summer happened. I'm glad you have such great stuff going on in your life.

The Wolfepack: said...

I think you're hilarious! What does Seth know? ;)