Saturday, July 26, 2008

Where's the Party?

I am TOO excited about BD this Friday!!!! I talked with Lisa R. about plans for a big celebration. She's doing a vampire prom theme (what does an overweight 40+ year old wear to a vampire prom?) - and hitting both borders and B&N. Deseret Book cancelled their midnight opening, sad, sad. Hannah and I will be driving down from Rexburg but we won't miss the midnight release.

On a side note, I am really going to try to add a few more 2 and 3 syllable words to my vocabulary. My one syllable 100 words can only go so far. So, if you have any big, important sounding words, let me know so I can sound educated (hey, for the record, I did go to BYU on an academic scholarship). Jori has already contributed "useless" so I'm up to 101!


The Wolfepack: said...

That sounds fun! Wish I could help with your costume... Sorry, you're on your own!

Tara Maxfield said...

Yeah! I am so thrilled your family has a blog. Especially now that we are moving these blogs become my lifeline to Vegas and all the people we love and will miss back home.

Thanks for humoring Caden yesterday. His little body just can't quite sit still for sacrament meeting. He loves you though...he always tells me, "that's my nursery friend".

Happy Blogging!

Hannah Grace said...

Oh mother dear...we are too obsessed! When I talk about Edward - I believe he's real. OH WAIT! He is real! Edward Cullen exists inside my heart! He is all mine and we are beautiful vampires awwwww (floats into fantasy haha) I am so excited to see you! Our drive home is going to be FUN FUN FUN! We are probably going to laugh and cry and SCREAM for joy because we will be reading BD that very night....AAAAA! You are the best mommy ever!

themechams said...

So I like to use big words too. I am very fond of peruze. I also like sushi (two syllable) and eating it with friends. WE MISS THE HINRICHSENS!
As far as Breaking Dawn goes, you know I am taking an excursion full of girls to the store Friday night!

Trisha and Garrett said...

I am so excited about Breaking Dawn. We're leaving for the beach tonight and no joke I scoped out all the nearest stores ahead a time that are near our hotel for tomorrow. I will be out bright and early to get it! Just remember no sneaking it to church Sunday!! :)

Ryan said...

It's the BIG H's family! Good to see you in the blogging world. And I can't believe Hanna is so grown up! She should be 8 still. Anyway, I hope you don't mind us adding you to our blog roll.