Wednesday, July 9, 2008

OK, OK, I Give IN!!!!

I LOVE to look at blogs!! I spend way too much time on the computer reading blogs of people I don't even know. Of course, most of them leave me depressed - "I should do that with my kids" I think to myself. I think this will be a good blog for normal people - not supermoms!!!- a place where people can stop by and visit and then leave feeling happy. They'll smile and say, "Hey, her kids are AMAZING and she's no super woman. I can do that!" So yep, ladies (and gentlemen) you don't have to be super woman to have great kids (heck, your house doesn't even have to be clean and you don't even have to make beautiful homemade cards or yummy cupcakes - all 3 things I desperately want); you just gotta love those cute kiddos-because they don't stay little for long (weeps heavily as she thinks of her growing kids!).


The Wolfepack: said...

As Kela would say, "This is true. This is sooo true."

I am SO happy you're in our blog world. Keep the posts coming. And, for the record, you are a superwoman!

Jori-O said...

Ya...don't even try to pretend you aren't a superwoman! And I love that you're in the blogosphere now! =)

themechams said...

C'mon Suz, You know you get more done in a day than the rest of us get done in a week.Superwomen can't hold a candle to you.

Shawna said...

I love looking at blogs too. :)
I'm happy to see you!