Saturday, July 19, 2008

An Almost Empty Nest

Seth left for 8 days of scout camp this morning at 5 a.m. (How did I EVER survive four years of early morning seminary???). Hannah is staying in Idaho to work all summer, so that leaves Sydnee all to her lonesome. We have some fun girly things planned for this week - lunch at Mimi's, watching the Nancy Drew movie and going to see the American Girl movie "Kit". We also want to do some scrapbooking and hopefully begin to redecorate her room. It is so quiet at our house!!!!

Oh, and Cedar City was FABULOUS! Sydnee had a wonderful time. She got to see Taming of the Shrew, go on a backstage tour, shop and, of course, perform. Brent and I had a lot of fun, too. I LOVE the flowers in Utah. Darn this hot climate!!!! I can barely keep my grass and palm trees alive - I guess the tradeoff is our pretty mild winters. I'll take the lack of flowers to the snow anytime!!!

And finally, Hannah, what is this about blue darts? I thought those only existed in junior high school novels???? Is this what our money is paying for?? LOL. I'm glad you're having fun.


The Wolfepack: said...

Sounds like y'all will have fun this week. For me, I'm actually missing my boys and all for the wrong reasons: babysitting (I rely on them too much). Hey, enjoy your quiet time.

Adrianne Tippetts said...

I came across your blog while I was on Marina's blog! I too finally gave in and I am now a blogger! I love your family! You are such great examples! Have a fun week without your older kiddies! :)

Brigg & Dianne said...

You find friends fast in the Blog World! How lucky I am to have bumped into yours! I hope this way we can get to know each other better.

Our blog is password protected, (I'm a bit obsessed with security) so send your e-mail address to moviegirl19 at hotmail dot com. I would love to send you an invitation!
~Dianne Owens

Stephens Family said...

HI HI HI HI HI HI HI HI!! I love that I found you! Brandon will be so excited, he doesn't really look that often but he will when I tell him! We miss you and your family, Brandon is still recovering from his "man crush" on Bishop :) he sure loves him! Stay in touch! All our love!