Saturday, October 16, 2010

3 weeks left!

Three weeks till Hannah and LJ come back from Mongolia! They went for his internship at a bank. It's already been eight weeks since they arrived there!
Sadly, about 2 weeks ago, their computer broke. We have no communication except for the rare we end up on facebook at the same time. (She goes to the mission office and borrows a friends laptop.)
She lives off of cookies. It is sad. She hates their food (sheep, sheep, sheep, and a jar of peanut butter for $9.00) They do have a few good resturants, like one with American food called BBQ chicken. In Mongolia, they are really cheap. We saw Hannah in a picture with a name brand purse. She said it was $10 in American money. They also bought 10 DVDs for $15 also American money. And they were good movies like The Princess and the Frog.
I am excited to see them again! Hannah asked what I want from Mongolia. I said,"Something you can only get there." So, well see what I get!


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April said...

Hopefully they won't bring back sheep meat, LOL! ;-)